Professional Editing Services: BSE

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Years ago, my enthusiasm for teaching writing to my students transitioned into a freelance editing business, and I really enjoy the work. Welcome to BSE; Brian Sousa Editing!

Whether you are writing your first novel, second short story, or third poem, I absolutely love investing myself in other peoples’ work, and working together with writers who are just starting out, as well as more seasoned artists who want a new perspective. I’ve edited essays, poems, stories, and full-length manuscripts from writers. Some want my take on their draft; some want a final run-through before submitting for publication — or self-publishing.

To me, every project is unique. We’ll work together to pinpoint what you want to work on, and figure out a time frame, and a price-point. No project is too small: I’ve worked on college essays for students who are trying to get into their university of choice; I’ve also worked with published writers who want a new perspective on their manuscript. Get in touch with me for a quick consultation!

Cheers, Brian